Aquaworx products offer advanced solutions for the onsite wastewater industry. Partnering with Infiltrator Water Technologies means you can build your business with a complete range of products that are as reliable as they are innovative. View 4-Page Manual   View Full 20-Page Manual

Control Panels
The Aquaworx Intelligent Pump Control panel provides an innovative approach to pump control. Designed specifically for the onsite industry, the IPC Panel leverages simple pressure transducer technology for the enhancement of pump system performance and ease of installation. Relying on an embedded microprocessor in the pump controller and a floatless pressure transducer in the pump chamber, the IPC Panel monitors liquid levels, controls pumping time intervals, and logs events in real-time. 
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External Disconnect Switches
Intelligent Pump Controller
IPC Panel Remote Alarm
IPC-D Duplex Control Panel
Control Panel Repair Kit

Using the MARC™ as the user interface, the Aquaworx IPC Panel offers a cost-effective solution with expanded capability. The MARC is a handheld device that is specifically designed to program the Aquaworx IPC Panel product line.

The Aquaworx Remediator is a simple, easy-to-install septic system remediation technology that rejuvenates a failing leachfield with minimal landscape disruption. This unique system is inserted into an existing septic tank of a malfunctioning system and reverses the drainfield clogging process. View Remediator Brochure.

    • NEMA 4X enclosure
    • Manual / Off / Auto Operation
    • Audible alarm with push to silence
    • Floatless pressure transducer in the pump chamber
    • Programmable on and off timer
    • Programmable start, stop and alarm level
    • Date / time stamped event log
    • Simplified wiring for easy installation
    • Unique user interface with Mountable and Removable Controller (MARC)
    • Data logging provides easy access to historical data
    • Accurate timing eliminates need for stopwatch
    • Liquid level displayed for draw-downs means no tape measure required
    • Veto level override function allows different timing at different loads
  • MARC

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    MARC Simplex Operating Instructions


    MARC Duplex Operating Instructions


    • Eliminates the need for a complete drainfield replacement and the resulting landscape damage caused by heavy equipment
    • Problems associated with a failing septic system such as odors and wet areas in the yard are eliminated in as little as 2 weeks
    • Environmental solution that strengthens the natural process of wastewater treatment and groundwater recharge
    • Easy installation with no heavy equipment allows for minimal disruption and quick return on investment
    • Permanent, non-invasive solution that requires minimal cost to operate and maintain

    View Remediator Brochure